Investing for Kids

With KoinVest, kids learn that they can help their money grow by investing!
KoinVest helps financial advisors and parents team up to teach kids about personal finance.
Meet Elliot! She knows that money doesn't fall from the sky
How? Because her family uses KoinVest, a mobile app that fosters investing habits and financial mindfulness in teens.
The family financial advisor acts as a teacher and resource
With KoinVest, Elliot can view her investment portfolio on her mobile phone and contact her family's financial advisor if she has a question.
Elliot’s money is invested in a custodial investment account that is managed by the family's financial advisor.
Elliot is able to track her investments and develop good financial habits under parental supervision.
KoinVest provides Elliot with important financial education to ensure that her financial future shines bright.

See how your money can grow with KoinVest.